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Property owners of all buildings where people live, work or assemble shall provide for the sanitary disposal of all domestic waste. Sewage and waste from such buildings shall be disposed of by discharging into a sewer system regulated under Chapter 644 RSMO, or shall be disposed of by discharging into an on-site sewage disposal system operated as defined by rules promulgated under sections 701.025 to 701.059 RSMO.

The owner of a single family residence lot consisting of three acres or more, except lots adjacent to lakes operated by the Corps of Engineers or by a public utility shall be excluded from this rule.

Properties other than single family residences, regardless of acreage, shall comply with all provisions of section 701.025 to 701.059 RSMO and all rules promulgated there under, as shall owners of any size parcel where more than one single family residence occupies the same platted parcel.

Prior to obtaining a permit to install or make a major modification to an on-site sewage system, the following parameters must be met.

An application must be obtained from the Local Public Health Office.

A soil morphological evaluation must be obtained from a soil scientist or, a percolation test performed by a licensed percolation tester.

A permit fee of $90.00 dollars must be submitted to the DOH, Fee Receipts section.

A completed application with attached soil information and plan design must be returned to the regulatory agency (County Health Dept). Where appropriate due to type of soil or where an alternative type of system is proposed, an engineered plan with drawings must be submitted.

The application and plans must be approved and a preliminary site inspection conducted before a permit is issued. Upon completion of items 1 through 5, a permit to construct will be issued by the regulating agency. When a permit has been issued, work may begin on the installation. The following contingencies must be met prior to completion of the on-site sewage system.

Registered installers constructing an on-site sewage disposal system must provide notification of the completion date by 9 am of the day preceding the anticipated closure.

Unregistered installers constructing or making major repairs to an on-site sewage system must provide notification of the completion date by 9 am two days preceding anticipated closure.

If you have any questions regarding regulation, please contact the Mississippi County Health Department by email or phone at (573)683-2191 and ask for Environmental.