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The Mississippi County Health Department is dedicated to promoting the health of the residents of Mississippi County. Communicable diseases are addressed in two ways: prevention/education and reporting/disease tracking.

Prevention and Education
Speakers and programming are available to work sites such as daycare centers to assist in the prevention of communicable diseases. Call the health department at 573-683-2191 for more information.

Reporting/Disease Tracking
The reporting of communicable diseases to the health department by the citizens of Mississippi County is an important element in promoting the health of the community. This alerts us to the possible need of extra effort or action which may be necessary to protect the public health. The reporting of certain diseases by health care providers is required by law.

Cases can be reported to the health department by telephone at 573-683-2191 or by fax at 573-683-6539. If reporting a disease by fax, a CD-1 form MO580-0779 must be used.

The State of Missouri requires a number of communicable diseases to be reported to local health departments. The Mississippi County Health Department is the local agency which receives these reports from health care providers in Mississippi County. Alternately, cases may be reported to the Missouri Department of Health, 930 Wildwood, P.O. Box 570, Jefferson City, MO, 65102.