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To receive a copy of a birth or death certificate, you must complete the appropriate application below and either mail it or bring it to the Mississippi County Health Department.

Cost for a birth certificate is $15.00 per copy. Cost for a death certificate is $14.00 for the first copy and $11.00 (please note of price change on death certificates) for each additional copy at that same visit. We do not accept out of state checks, please send a money order. If you mail your request for a certificate the application must be notarized. If you are coming into the office a photo ID is required at the time of obtaining a certified copy. If you do not have a photo ID we will accept two of the following items as verification:
Letter from a government of social agency
School yearbook
W-2 issued within the last year
Social security card or numident printout
Court certified deed or title to property
Certificate of vehicle title or registration
Proof of auto insurance
Home health or life insurance policy card or paperwork
Medicare or Medicaid paperwork or card
Payroll Stub that includes Social Security number
Military discharge document
Cancelled duplicate check (must show name, address, signature, & name of institution)
Utility bills that shows the name and address
Shelter name band

Certified computer birth certificates can be issued for persons born in Missouri since 1920. The health department is not able to print the birth certificate if there was a delay in filing the original. Those allowed to obtain a certified birth certificate are: yourself,

Certified computer death certificates can be issued for deaths occurring in Missouri since 1982.
Certificates that cannot be issued by this department must be obtained though the Missouri Department of Health in Jefferson City. For some purposes, such as genealogy or insurance, a certified copy of the original document is needed and can be requested from Jefferson City.

Certificate Request Forms