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The Diabetes Self-Management Program is a highly participative program where mutual support and success build the participants’ confidence in their ability to manage their health and maintain active and fulfilling lives. The program is a small group workshop, once a week for six weeks, each session being 2 ½ hours long.


-       People with type 2 diabetes

-       12-16 participants per workshop

Participation Materials:

-       Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions

-       Audio Relaxation CD

In this program you will learn:

-       Techniques to deal with the symptoms of diabetes, fatigue, pain, hyper/hypoglycemia, stress, and emotional problems such as depression, anger, fear and frustration

-       Appropriate exercise for maintaining and improving strength and endurance

-       Healthy eating

-       Appropriate use of medication

-       Working more effectively with health care providers

-       Participants will make weekly action plans, share experiences, and help each other solve problems they encounter in creating and carrying out their self-management program. 


Our Diabetes Self-Management Program is ADA recognized. Each year the content of the program such as techniques to deal with diabetes symptoms, appropriate exercise techniques, and healthy eating guidelines are reviewed and updated to meet current American Diabetes Association standards.

For more information on the Diabetes Self-Management Program or if you have an interest in participating, feel free to contact the Mississippi County Health Department at 573-683-2191

Or visit https://www.selfmanagementresource.com/programs/small-group/diabetes-self-management/